Dynamic parameters, ValidateSet and Enums

Good intentions often get muddled with very complex execution. The last time the government tried to make taxes easier, it created a 1040 EZ form with a 52-page help booklet.
— Brad D. Smith

I suppose that many of you have heard about Dynamic Parameters, but thought of them as too complicated to implement in real-life scenarios. Just look at the amount of code you have to write to add one simple parameter with dynamic ValidateSet argument.

Recently I had to write a fair amount of functions which use Enum‘s values as parameters (Special Folders, Access Rights, etc). Naturally, I’d like to have this parameters validated with ValidateSet and have tab-completion as a bonus. But this means to hardcode every enum’s member name in the ValidateSet argument. Today’s example is a function, that returns Special Folder path. It accepts one parameter Name, validates it values against all known folders names and returns filesystem paths. Here is how it looks with hardcoded ValidateSet:

function Get-SpecialFolderPath
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true, ValueFromPipeline = $true, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $true, Position = 0)]
            'Desktop', 'Programs', 'MyDocuments', 'Personal', 'Favorites', 'Startup', 'Recent', 'SendTo',
            'StartMenu', 'MyMusic', 'MyVideos', 'DesktopDirectory', 'MyComputer', 'NetworkShortcuts', 'Fonts',
            'Templates', 'CommonStartMenu', 'CommonPrograms', 'CommonStartup', 'CommonDesktopDirectory',
            'ApplicationData', 'PrinterShortcuts', 'LocalApplicationData', 'InternetCache', 'Cookies', 'History',
            'CommonApplicationData', 'Windows', 'System', 'ProgramFiles', 'MyPictures', 'UserProfile', 'SystemX86',
            'ProgramFilesX86', 'CommonProgramFiles', 'CommonProgramFilesX86', 'CommonTemplates', 'CommonDocuments',
            'CommonAdminTools', 'AdminTools', 'CommonMusic', 'CommonPictures', 'CommonVideos', 'Resources',
            'LocalizedResources', 'CommonOemLinks', 'CDBurning'

        $Name | ForEach-Object { [Environment]::GetFolderPath($_) }

Not fancy, to say the least.

Sidenote: if you wonder, did I typed all this ValidateSet argument, the answer is no. Here is trick that I’ve used to get all enum’s members strings enclosed in single quotes and comma-separated. Just copy and paste this snippet to the PowerShell console and get formatted enum list in your clipboard:

PS C:\Users\beatcracker> "'$([Enum]::GetNames('System.Environment+SpecialFolder') -join "', '")'" | clip

As you see, the ValidateSet above is as bad as you can get: it’s large, it’s easy to make typo and it’s hardcoded. Whenever the new special folder is added to the Windows or it doesn’t exists in previous versions of OS this code will fail.

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